Yana Osmanova is happy to announce participation in Venice Design and Time Space Existence exhibitions, official Architecture Biennale Collateral events, organized by the Global Arts Affairs Foundation in Venice.


Yana Osmanova’s work this year will be for the first time exhibited with a strong presence – installation of dark oak wood and wild clay totem sculptured with early-cultural Northern craft techniques will be placed in the garden in front of Palazzo Mora.

“My work is inspired the concept of childbirth miracle from Norse Mythology, that is actually based on Saami nomad people culture. Saami people are one of very few indigenous nations that managed to keep their authentic traditions, still living in a connection with nature. They maintain traditions and other aspects of an early culture that is associated with a Northern region that is now part of Sweden, Norway, Finland and north of Russia.
Mother Goddess (Maderakka) and her 3 daughters are the ones responsible for the process through which a human being comes into this world. In Norse mythology Maderakka receives the soul from the supreme god of the starry heaven and delivers it to her daughters that put the soul into the body and then take care of the child to protect them until they have attained full maturity.
Each level of the installation is made in the form of circle (a traditional symbol of life) with a character of Maderakka and her 3 daughters. On the levels objects made of wild clay and oak tree are presented. The materials are also referred to early cultural symbols. Oak tree is particularly connected with a World Tree, the one that represents the connection between the upper world, the world of humans and the down world. Clay symbolizes the material body, the vessel made by God to keep the eternal human soul”, – Yana Osmanova says.